This sharp dog-leg right opening hole presents a seemingly open fairway, but the elevated tees play tricks on your eyes…no more than a 3-metal here or risk losing your ball in the back trees. The left-to-right winds can play havoc with tee shots placing off-center balls into mahogany trees and several hazards. Your second shot is down-wind, but you will need to carry the bunker or play safe to the left or right and chip up (a safer bet). Stay below the hole when putting…this green is treacherous! This looks like an easy hole on paper that mars the scorecard with a big number…beware!

Another tough par-4. Aim to the right edge of the fairway bunker on the left side. The slope of the land will bring the ball back towards the center. Cutting the corner will leave you a stiff uphill lie for the second shot ' best to play for level ground. A steep greenside bunker protects the right side and any approach not fully on the green risks running 30+ yards back down the slope. Bailout is long and left

The moment you step onto the tee of this dramatic elevated par 5, you'll enjoy a sweeping snapshot of the entire front nine. Usually playing downwind, it is very inviting to 'bombing' the ball off the tee, so play to the right edge of the fairway bunker, left side. Do not get too greedy trying to cut the corner, or your ball may end up in the water hazard bordering the entire right side, or worse, in the fairway of #10 with a heap of trees to go over and miles to go to reach the green. Long hitters can reach the green in two for a great chance at Eagle, but the elevated green and approach funnel into the greenside bunker on the left.

This is one hole where you will be grateful if your ball landed in the left greenside bunker. The alternative, if long and left, is that it will be lost in a deep ravine that eats golf balls. Play the right-side hill and factor in the headwind. Miss it short and right and you will still have a chance to make par.

A short, yet challenging par 4 with one of the narrowest landing areas on the course. Conservative golfers should carry their tee shot about 200 yards (into the wind) and aim at the right side of the tall Mahogany tree left of center with a slight fade for the best angle to the green. OB runs along the entire right side of the fairway to the green, bailout to the left is safe, but watch for oncoming balls from #3 tee and prepare to punch a low iron below fairway trees or settle for a lobbed approach just short of the green.

Arguably the toughest test on the front nine with a prevailing headwind and a breathtaking elevated tee. This long slight dogleg right par 4 demands accuracy off the tee and is critical to a successful scoring opportunity. A left-center tee shot with little forgiveness is a necessity to prepare for a long iron or fairway metal into a semi-elevated green. Short is safe and long will surely test your chipping prowess.

A breather comes in this short dogleg right par 4 and a chance to take one back. Not a very difficult hole, but approach is the key: just put the ball in play off the tee…shorter can sometimes be better giving you an angled approach to the green and placing the bunker left of center. You cannot miss the green anywhere but short. This hole favors short-irons and lofted wedges…use the hill and pay attention to the subtle break toward the Mahogany trees. Go ahead and make your birdie or par here, then grab at drink and place your order at Coconuts snack-shack so you can pick up your nosh before the back nine.

This seemingly benign looking hole can pack a punch! There's good reason it is used as the Hole-in-One for charity scrambles as the straightaway is rarely ever that. With wind usually being a factor ' predominantly in your face ' this hole demands a long iron and is well bunkered on three corners with a hard hill on the right. A well-struck punch shot avoids the wind and will run up the right hand apron. OB on the right side of the cart path, but open on the left leaves you a soft lob shot on to the green. A bogey may feel like par on this hole!

Medium-length par 4 with a prevailing tailwind, this hole is guarded by trees on the right and for longer hitters, a culvert on the left. Elevated tees provide a beautiful view of the spectacular surroundings just beyond. Best approach is from the right side, but remember that you are downwind and despite the larger and longer green, second shots can often run off the back slope if not struck softly.

A short dogleg right par 4 with a multitude of risk/reward options; long hitters have a chance to drive near or on the green with only a perfect tee shot. A water hazard lines the right side of the fairway and protects the green on all but one side. Smart wedge play or using the steep hill on the left to feed onto this small, hidden green will reward steady putters with a birdie…do not over-read this green!

No mysteries here. What you see is what you get: a short par-3, elevated green, tailwinds and a tight green to hold. Short and left is safe, long and right is looking at bogey unless you own a master flop shot. Take one to two less clubs and, if you have not heard it enough, 'play the hill'.

Despite the rating on this hole, it is really one of the trickiest on the back nine. Fly the left corner of the mountain on the right to give your ball a chance to hold the wind that comes hard from right to left at the opening. Hazards line both the left and right sides, and if that were not enough, ducks, iguanas, egrets and red-billed Moore hens might be competing for your turf! One of the few greens without a hill to play off, this green is tight and plays at least one club shorter than the yardage reads…bump and run to be safe unless you have truly soft hands!

Welcome to the Devil's Triangle! Accuracy, not distance is key here. Steep hill on the right, ravine on the left, a green perched above the beach, waves crashing in the background…simple, beautiful golf hole! A tee shot of 180-200 yards slightly to the right will take advantage of the slope of the terrain and will feed back into the fairway (particularly if the rough is not too long). Do it again on the approach…the steep hill on the right feeds generously to the green. Make a par here and it will feel like a birdie!

Perhaps one of the Top-Ten most photographed par-3's in the world; The Devil's Triangle Hole #14 is a thing of beauty. Take your picture, take a deep breath, and thank the heavens that you play golf and can be this close to what seems like the edge of the world! The dramatic cliff and shoreline coupled with the absolute blue of the horizon dotted with islands in the distance are enough to make you whiff. You will not however. You will hit a beautiful long iron toward the back bunker and the wind will carry it to the hill behind the green. Whatever score you card, this is a hole you will not soon forget.

Final hole of the Devil's Triangle, and not one to be taken lightly! Only seriously long and straight hitters need pull out their driver here; the risk-reward is slim. Take your 3/5 metal and take aim for the directional flag splitting the fairway; it is not very wide and more forgiving to those shots missing right. Crucial on this hole is where you play your second shot to lay-up by the pond; you will much prefer being a little farther from the water on a flat lie to approach the two-tiered green. Even if the flag is laying limp, remember that the trade winds move through the valley of the course from East to West (in this case, left to right) and wind over the pond will push your ball right…stay below the hole to give yourself a chance.

Relief comes in this mild and narrow par 3. There is minimal wind and elevation to contend with so just swing away. The green is deeper than it appears; short and long are safe, left and right are trouble.

A moderately long par 4 usually accompanied by a tailwind and not a bunker to be seen! Play the right side as tight as you can to avoid your ball leaking off the fairway into some thick rough, or worse, the creek on the left. Hit the fairway and par is within reasonable reach. This is one of the larger greens with a great viewpoint of a few of the other holes.

A finishing hole that keeps up with the best. This long slight dogleg right par 5 with a prevailing headwind can be intimidating off the tee. Play your tee shot down the left side of the fairway and follow up with a 3 metal to bring it inside the ropes to reach the green. An uphill, wind-in-your-face approach with the bar filled with onlookers just beyond the green might rattle your nerves. Do not let it! Grab an extra club, swing confidently for the back of the green and you will probably hit the pin, sink the putt and have a frosty one waiting for you at the bar!

Due to the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Mahogany Run Golf Course and The Grille will be closed until further notice. Please check back for additional updates.